Smarter compliance, safer banking

Empower your bank with innovative technology & streamlined processes. From a compliant KYC onboarding, to AML screening, ID document renewals & the rest of the compliance lifecycle.


One API, all your needs

We don’t stop at onboarding. Choose your solutions to identify, verify, screen, or re-engage, & rest assured your client interactions are seamless & built on trust.

One API, all your needs

This is what we can accomplish together

Achieve operational excellence

Empower teams & boost efficiency with automation for increased satisfaction & focus on value-added work.

Build trust with enhanced fraud prevention

Reach 99.98% fraud detection accuracy with solutions tested on millions of users. Protect your bank & keep client data safe.

Reduce compliance costs & complexity

Compliance automation is a business imperative. Reduce compliance costs by up to 50% with our proprietary technology.

Cooperate with a network of trusted experts

As part of a cross-border & cross-partner network, our specialists work hand in hand with your experts at the frontline of fraud prevention.

Stay ahead of the curve

Our experts on financial crime get ongoing training to identify new fraud patterns & continually share their knowledge with your specialists.

Empower your teams

Your specialists can focus on the important work that they love. Our Customer Due Diligence reporting & audit trail meet regulatory requirements across Europe & beyond, so you can rely on us.

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Case Review Portal

One portal to master your compliance processes

Process or audit cases, all with a streamlined experience & an integrated overview of your clients, their checks & their evidenced Customer Due Diligence (CDD) files.

Delia Konig from Solarisbank testifies about the Fourthline product

“Fourthline accelerated our international growth by verifying identities for partners across Europe.”

Delia König | Chief Product Officer - Solaris

Solutions built for banking innovators

Choose the solution that meets your goals & regulatory obligations.

AML Screening & Monitoring

Check your clients—once or daily—against real-time watchlists, PEP & sanction lists & country-specific databases.

Re-KYC & Remediation

Automatically review, update & enhance client data to accurately assess risk & consistently meet regulatory standards.

Anti-Financial Crime

Tap into the highest possible fraud accuracy through augmented analytics & a team of dedicated anti-financial crime experts.

Identity Verification

Onboard clients with a hyper-accurate verification that's built for conversion, with basic ID&V in seconds & bank-grade KYC in under a minute.

Proof of Address

Confirm your client's address in seconds, with highly accurate device & geolocation intelligence that eliminates the need for traditional PoA documents.

Qualified Electronic Signature

A secure electronic signature that can be issued standalone or alongside Fourthline’s bank-grade KYC onboarding.

Account Authentication

Ensure that account creators & account users are one & the same by monitoring device data & connecting clients to their device in real-time, with results in <30 seconds.

Investigations & Reporting

Increase operational efficiency by letting Fourthline take care of manual & resource-intensive investigations & CDD reporting. Act on conclusive reporting with no grey areas.

Make compliance a competitive advantage

Fraud detection accuracy

Fourthline detects fraud more accurately than other compliance providers, so you can be confident that you are only onboarding trustworthy customers.

Better conversion rates

Our streamlined flow minimizes drop-off and eliminates false positives so your customers can sail through the onboarding process and be up.

Lower cost of compliance

Our solutions can reduce your total cost of compliance by up to 50 percent by automating key components and eliminating costly manual processes.

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