Investigations and CDD reporting

Leverage proprietary logic and expert teams built on years of experience.

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The problem

Investigating potential hits without actionable results can be a huge administrative burden – costing time and money, and leaving businesses with grey areas of indecision.

Our solution

Proprietary machine learning algorithms that are supported by a team of trained financial crime experts. Teams investigate potential hits and deliver clear results through comprehensive reporting with no grey areas. 


Regulatory compliance, expert review, early risk detection, assessment matching, CDD reporting, enhanced fraud detection, data enhancement. 

Clear and conclusive insights

Increase operational efficiency by letting Fourthline take care of manual, resource-intensive and time-consuming investigations and CDD reporting.

Our team of experts and our automated solutions take investigations and manual reviews off your plate.

Our process starts with early risk detection through Assessment Matching and Preliminary Risk Scorings and ends with conclusive results, reporting, and full audit trails.

Team of trained experts

Having performed millions of KYC onboardings, Fourthline’s fraud experts have been trained extensively in signaling risk indicators, identifying patterns, and putting insights into action.  

In-depth reporting

Stay up to date with confirmed hits (and false positives) across all types of fraudulent activity.

Audit trails

Stay ahead of regulation changes with complete reporting and audit trails. Fourthline provides all the information and proof points needed to comply with local 5AML regulations in every European country. 

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