Streamline onboarding with Bank Account Verification

Unlock digital onboarding in France & Germany with a quick, secure & easy Bank Account Verification.

Confirm bank account ownership & authorization to transact in order to unlock a compliant & seamless onboarding for Germany & France.

The challenge

The intricacies of the regulatory framework in France, Germany & the rest of Europe allow diverse approaches for setting up digital onboarding processes. A set of measures need to be in place in order to know your clients, mitigate risk & prevent money laundering.

Our solution

Bank Account Verification checks that a bank account holder is the same person whose identity has been previously verified & that they are authorized to initiate payments from the account. The BAV integrates seamlessly into the digital onboarding, adding another layer of security.

Use cases

Digital onboarding in multiple European markets including France and Germany, bank account ownership check, account takeover fraud prevention.

Bank Account Verification

Conclusive outcome within 30 seconds

The perfect balance between compliance & convenience. Fulfill regulatory requirements while offering a fast, frictionless user experience. Our solution takes care of the entire process: from payment initiation, to reconciliation, to refund.

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