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Learn how Fourthline’s digital identity solutions ensure compliance at industry-leading conversion rates, accuracy levels and processing times.

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Setting a new standard in KYC


greater fraud detection


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higher conversion


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Drive growth and stay in control

Choosing between effective fraud detection and a seamless onboarding experience is no longer necessary. Thanks to Fourthline’s proprietary AI technology and user-centric onboarding flow, you can deliver a fast and secure customer journey—with basic ID verification in a few seconds or end-to-end, bank-grade KYC in under 90 seconds. Make measurable improvements to your conversion rate with next-generation NFC and OCR data capture, native SDKs, and intelligent false positive mitigation.

Customize a solution to fit your needs

One-size-fits-all KYC solutions are as costly as they are cumbersome. Fourthline’s modular product architecture enables you to choose the precise components to meet your requirements—whether it’s document verification, liveness checks, proof-of-address, daily PEP/sanctions/watchlist screenings, or a completely outsourced bank-grade KYC solution. From risk configuration and local compliance frameworks to customized escalation protocols, reporting, and branding, you can craft your ideal solution.


Comply with the strictest regulations, effortlessly

You need a digital identity partner you can rely on. Licensed as a payment institution by the Dutch Central Bank, Fourthline adheres to the same high standards as its clients. Fourthline’s solutions and infrastructure pass the scrutiny of the world’s most trusted financial institutions for data privacy, IT security, business continuity, and local AML compliance. Strengthen your compliance with all data processed in the EU, local legal opinions from reputable firms, and experience navigating local regulatory regimes.

Minimize risk with the highest levels of fraud detection

Fraud techniques today are advanced and ever-evolving. Fourthline's fraud prevention technologies monitor fraud patterns across borders and partners, and adapt in real-time. We continuously recalibrate our in-house built and trained AI models to eliminate bias, incorporate new learnings, and perform more data checks than any other provider, detecting 60% more fraud than competitors—at 99.98% accuracy. Safeguard your enterprise by preventing an additional 20 to 30% of fraudulent activity through enhanced post-signup monitoring that reveals hidden geolocation anomalies, criminal activity patterns, data inconsistencies and more.


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