Re-KYC and remediation

Organize and update customer data to accurately assess risk and stay compliant.

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The problem

Regulators not only expect financial institutions to perform adequate KYC on new clients, but they also expect that the KYC files of existing clients meet quality standards and are reviewed periodically. 

Our solution

An automated all-in-one remediation and Re-KYC solution that makes compliance easy – equipping enterprises to focus on business growth and scale across regions.


Regulatory compliance, quality enhancement, customer due diligence. 

Compliance built on trust

Worried about outdated or missing customer data?

With remediation and Re-KYC you can ensure you meet all compliance requirements as set by regulators. With our fully automatic Remediation flow, we complete customer files without any action from the customer.

For more complex cases, ask your customer to go through our Re-KYC flow: a fully customizable process based on information you need.

Automatic data extraction

With Remediation you can update your customer files without requesting any action from the end user. Our AI-powered solution will extract missing data from documents that are already on file.

Remediation risk configuration

Choose a flow that suits your risk appetite: our Remediation can be fully customized based on your requirements and that of regulators.

From basic to bank-grade Re-KYC

A fully digital Re-KYC flow that fits your needs. Go from a basic ID&V check to a full bank-grade KYC solution.  

Solve your AML challenges with Fourthline

More cost-efficient compliance
Automatic decision-making
AML compliant: work with a team of compliance experts

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