Qualified electronic signature

A secure electronic signature that can be issued standalone or alongside Fourthline’s bank-grade KYC onboarding.

Phone showcasing an electronic agreement signing screen

The problem

You want to onboard clients with a fully digital flow, but traditional solutions eat away at conversion and scalability.

Our solution

With a bank-grade KYC + QES flow, you can onboard clients without compromising on user experience, conversion rates, or peak performance.


KYC, loan agreements, mortgage agreements.

A secure digital signature

Fourthline's Qualified electronic signature has the highest levels of security and can be used to open new accounts, issue credit or sign a contract. Offer your clients a user friendly QES solution, without compromising on scalability or conversion rates.

Enterprises using VideoIdent or BankIdent can add QES to Fourthline's bank-grade KYC onboarding solution as a scalable alternative.

Offer clients a seamless user experience while boosting conversions and lowering operational costs. Best of all, it's fully compliant with local anti-money laundering laws.

Higher conversion rates

Fourthline’s KYC onboarding with QES flow has better conversion rates compared to traditional BankIdent or VideoIdent.  

Optimize for scalability and UX

Fourthline’s KYC onboarding with QES delivers a flow optimized for peak performance while eliminating wait times.

50% lower compliance costs

Reduce costs with a fully digital process that doesn’t require client service agents or back-office specialists.  

How does it work?

Phone showcasing the kyc pay sign subproduct

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