Introducing: Workflows API and Fourthline Docs 

Discover Fourthline's latest releases - Workflows API and Fourthline Docs.

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Workflow API and Fourthline docs

At Fourthline, we strive to improve the way we empower businesses with identity solutions tailored for various challenges. We are excited to share our newest releases with you as we continue to make it faster and easier to connect to our platform.

Meet our powerful new Workflows API

  • Seamlessly combines and sequences multiple products in market-specific solutions 

  • Streamlines integration of standalone products 

  • Significantly reduces the number of API requests  

  • Transfers the complexity of user journey orchestration from your app to our platform 

  • Improves user experience and enables real-time feedback 

It’s a huge leap forward in efficiency and a testament to our innovative and passionate team here at Fourthline.

Workflow API

Discover the capabilities of the Workflows API via Fourthline Docs

To support and showcase the Workflows API, we have published a dedicated developer documentation site: Fourthline Docs

The site helps Fourthline’s business partners explore and integrate our state-of-the-art digital solutions for KYC, AML, and authentication as quickly and easily as possible.  

You can find both accessible product information for business decision makers and in-depth technical manuals for developers. 

Fourthline Docs sets out how to use the Workflows API with our App Drop-in and Web SDK, which orchestrate user flows and leverage Fourthline’s high-conversion, best-practice user interface. Business partners can customize the user interface to match the look-and-feel of their brand. It also provides guidance on how to use your own user interface and orchestrate flows directly via the API. 

Our living documentation keeps pace with industry best practice and ensures our partners always have up-to-date information that’s easy to understand and follow.  

The launch of the Workflows API and Fourthline Docs kicks off an exciting new phase in the technical evolution of Fourthline’s platform.  

Fourthline docs

What about Fourthline DX?

Our existing Fourthline Developer Experience documentation site and our GitHub repositories will remain available to support business partners’ current implementations. We will continue to maintain them until all partners have migrated to the Workflows API. 

Get in touch

Visit Fourthline Docs today to find out how the Workflows API could supercharge your Fourthline integration. Then contact us to get started! 

If you are a current business partner and you’re interested in upgrading to this API, please reach out to your implementation manager. They will help create a migration plan and support you at every step for a frictionless transition. 

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