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Make compliance a competitive advantage

Fraud detection accuracy

Fourthline detects fraud at a higher accuracy rate than other providers, so you can be confident that you are onboarding trustworthy clients.

Higher conversion rates

Our streamlined solutions minimize drop-off & eliminate false positives so your clients can sail through the onboarding & beyond.

More cost-efficient compliance

Our solutions can reduce your total cost of compliance by up to 50% with automation & replacement of manual processes.

“We used to convert roughly about 70% of new cases. Fourthline managed to improve that by another 15%, and that is truly impressive, very pleased.”

COO and Head of KYC, Fintech

Earlier we were able to screen out less than 30% of fraudulent accounts. With Fourthline we have been able to improve that by at least 50%."

Head of Compliance and AML, Fintech

A product suite built for the best in finance and fintech

Doc & Biometric Verification

Onboard customers with a hyper-accurate verification flow that's built for conversion, with basic ID&V in seconds and bank-grade KYC in under a minute.

Identity Verification

Proof of Address

Confirm your customer's address in seconds, with highly accurate device and geolocation intelligence that eliminates the need for traditional PoA documents.

Proof of Address

Qualified Electronic Signature

A secure electronic signature that can be issued standalone or alongside Fourthline’s bank-grade KYC onboarding.

Qualified electronic signature

Account Authentication

Ensure that account creators and account users are one and the same by monitoring device data and connecting users to their device in real-time, with results in <30 seconds.

Account Authentication

Screening & MonitoringScreening & Monitoring

Check your customers—once or daily—against real-time watchlists, PEP and sanction lists, country-specific databases, CIFAS, and Fourthline’s proprietary fraud database.

AML Screening & Monitoring

Re-KYC & Remediation

Automatically review, update and enhance customer data to accurately assess risk and consistently meet all regulatory standards.

Re-KYC & Remediation

Investigations & Reporting

Increase operational efficiency by letting Fourthline take care of manual and resource-intensive investigations and CDD reporting. Act on conclusive reporting with no grey areas.

Investigations & Reporting

Anti-Financial Crime

Tap into the highest possible fraud accuracy through augmented analytics and a team of dedicated anti-financial crime experts.

Anti-Financial Crime