Forrester TEI: Fourthline delivers 390% ROI

Forrester Total Economic Impact™ (TEI) study examines the Return On Investment (ROI) organizations may realize by deploying Fourthline.

The study results are formed on a composite organization based on interviews with Fourthline's users. Read the full study to evaluate the financial, strategic, and operational impact Fourthline could have on your organization.

Risk-adjusted ROI
Benefit 3-year Net Value
<6 m
Payback period in months

The key benefits

Improved operational efficiency worth $13.3 million.

Interviewed executives said that Fourthline helped significantly reduce the processing times for each case, improving operational efficiency and leading to significant savings for their organizations.

Improved conversions worth $10.4 million.

Fourthline improved the speed and accuracy of verification conducted by the organizations interviewed in the study, which was true even for those who already used digital tools or in-house solutions.

Reduced exposure to fraud worth $2.7 million.

Interviewees said the reliability of the Fourthline verification process helped them improve their fraud detection rates, thereby significantly lowering their risk of exposure to fraudulent accounts.

Faster time-to-market.

One of the key benefits all interviewed executives highlighted was how well Fourthline facilitated their organizations to enter new regions or markets much faster than they would otherwise be able to.

Improved regulatory compliance.

Fourthline’s extensive knowledge of local regulations and compliance requirements enabled the interviewees’ organizations to fully comply with local regulations.

Ability to flex capacity based on demand.

Interviewees reported that Fourthline could scale up operationally quickly to meet spikes in their demand, even when they went 10 times over the budgeted onboarding volume, and without missing any SLAs.

“We used to convert roughly about 70% of new cases. Fourthline managed to improve that by another 15%, and that is truly impressive, very pleased.”

COO and Head of KYC, Fintech

Earlier we were able to screen out less than 30% of fraudulent accounts. With Fourthline we have been able to improve that by at least 50%."

Head of Compliance and AML, Fintech

Organizations that grow with Fourthline

Financial institutions worldwide trust Fourthline to verify customer identities and drive business growth.

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