19.09.2022Press release

Fourthline and Ubisecure announce partnership

Fourthline and Ubisecure announce a European strategic partnership to roll out bank-grade identity verification for Identity Platform users.   

Fourthline Forrester TEI thumbnailBy The Fourthline Team

Amsterdam, 19 September 2022 – Fourthline, the digital identity and verification specialist, today announced a new partnership with Ubisecure, the leading European identity services provider, to deliver verified pre-onboarded, strongly authenticated identities into Ubisecure's Identity Platform.   

Through the partnership, Fourthline will verify a user's identity at the onboarding stage, with Ubisecure's technology enabling ongoing, seamless management of that identity. As a result, Ubisecure's customers will benefit from identity verification in seconds and bank-grade Know Your Customer (KYC) in under a minute.   

The partnership will see Ubisecure become Fourthline's preferred Identity and Access Management (IAM) provider, delivering its award-winning identity management solutions for Fourthline customers across Europe. 

Fourthline will provide specialist AI-based identity verification and empower Ubisecure's customers to comply with KYC and Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations.   

To authenticate customers' identity, Fourthline performs deep analysis on every customer, conducting more than 200 checks on every ID document and submitting a "selfie" matching the identity of the document holder. In Q1 2022, Fourthline's AI-driven platform authenticated millions of identities across Europe. 

Jörgen Thunholm, Partner Manager at Ubisecure, said: “For our customers who want to verify their user base, detect fraud at the highest levels and deliver a seamless user experience, the partnership with Fourthline makes perfect sense. Our customers can have confidence that the verified identity comes from a regulated partner - a huge selling point for the range of regulated institutions we work with.”  

Ubisecure provides a comprehensive Identity Platform to organizations seeking to reduce fraud and avoid data breaches by successfully converging identity and access security. While at the same time delivering better user experiences. An integral part of this process is the authentication of users and their rights to access systems.   

Krik Gunning, CO-Founder, and CEO of Fourthline, said: “Businesses across all sectors are looking to digital identity and verification tools to turn compliance into a competitive advantage. Ubisecure is a key partner for us to deliver bank-grade identity solutions to customers in various industries requiring a regulated solution. We’re looking forward to building a long-lasting partnership as we both continue to grow across Europe.”  

Serkan Ünal, Head of Strategic Partnerships
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