In the media: How foreign Fintechs assess the German market

"Wie ausländische Fintechs den deutschen Markt bewerten"

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In a recent article published by FinanzBusiness, Krik Gunning, co-founder and CEO of Fourthline, discusses the dynamic nature of the German fintech market. Gunning emphasizes that Germany hosts one of the fastest-growing fintech ecosystems in Europe, driven by favorable regulations, increasing demand for digital financial services, and a rich talent pool. He notes that Berlin, in particular, has emerged as a significant hub for fintech startups.

Gunning also highlights the difference between Dutch and German banks in terms of digitization, with Dutch banks generally being more progressive. This has led to competition between Dutch banks and fintech companies. However, he stresses that the German market offers immense potential for B2B fintechs, especially for medium-sized companies that still rely on outdated systems. Local expertise and understanding of the needs of German customers are crucial, though, to establish a fintech product in Germany and maintain customer loyalty.

Furthermore, other foreign fintech leaders, such as Lukas Zörner of Qonto and Sacha Cayre of Silvr, share their insights on the importance of understanding the cultural nuances and market needs in which they operate. Zörner emphasizes the potential of the German SME market and the need for a local presence. Cayre underscores the importance of collaborating with local experts and teams familiar with German culture.

All in all, the article describes the challenges and opportunities for foreign fintech companies in Germany, with special attention to the value of local expertise and customer-centricity.

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