Fourthline is listed, for the second time, in the LinkedIn Top Startups

The LinkedIn Top Startups list features ten rising Dutch companies where employees and job seekers can expect to innovate, solve big problems, and grow their skills. 

Fourthline Forrester TEI thumbnailBy The Fourthline Team
LinkedIn Top Startup 2022

With this list, LinkedIn recognizes companies that are popular amongst Dutch professionals based on unique LinkedIn metrics. This year's Top Startups list four key metrics are: employee growth, interest in vacancies, the interaction of LinkedIn users and employees with the company page, and attracting talent. The complete 2022 LinkedIn Top Startups list in the Netherlands is: 

  1. Lightyear - Automotive 

  2. Picnic – Online supermarkets 

  3. Pieter Pot – Online supermarkets 

  4. Bitvavo – Capital Markets 

  5. Fourthline – FinTech 

  6. Crisp – Online supermarkets 

  7. OpenUp – Mental health care 

  8. JEX – Software development 

  9. Vesper – Information technology and services 

  10. Otrium – Fashion platform 

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