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Profile of Esther de WinterBy Esther de Winter - Head of Marketing
KYC compliance in excellent form

Dear team, clients, and friends of Fourthline,

Fourthline was built with the mission to create a safer financial system for all. Our original visual identity, bold blue colors equipped with a faithful green dot symbolizing the lines of defense, served us well over the past years. It was an identity that was familiar for all Fourthliners and it supported us on our journey from our founding years to becoming a fast-scaling startup. But recently, Fourthline has entered a new chapter.

We have grown exponentially over the last few years. In 2021 alone, we recorded 170% year-over-year revenue growth and we launched a wide range of continuous KYC products. We grew from a handful of people to a team of more than 240 industry experts. We collaborated with partners like national regulators and Europol, and we signed leading players in fintech and finance. But the brand simply wasn't reflecting this new growth - it needed to evolve.

We wanted our brand to acknowledge this new chapter as a business and to reaffirm our commitment to building a safer financial system for all. Our visual storytelling needed to grow into something bigger: something that signified our advanced tech stack and our modular solutions, while celebrating our dedicated and remarkable team that shows up to fight financial crime every day.

Today, we’re proud to reveal our new look for the future of Fourthline. (Note: the video below is best experienced with sound on).

A team of experts bringing simplicity to a complex world

Our purpose hasn’t changed. In refreshing our brand, we returned to the foundations that Fourthline was built on. At the heart of our brand is a mission to offer end-to-end KYC solutions that create simplicity in an otherwise complex ecosystem of multiple point solutions.

With its clean and human designs, we developed a new visual identity focused on legibility and clarity that is coherent with our constant effort to transform the challenge of digital identity verification into a seamless experience.

Fourthline rebranding blog post

We offer a flexible and complete suite of advanced products

We pride ourselves on enabling our clients to choose the specific components they need to streamline their KYC and AML compliance processes. From a light ID&V flow to full bank-grade KYC, at onboarding or throughout the customer lifecycle, we can support them with their ideal solution.

Our new brand emphasizes and enables our modular architecture. The wide range of shapes and icons, among others, work as symbols of the flexible building blocks of our complete product suite.

Fourthline rebranding blog post 2

Made for today and tomorrow

A rebranding is a starting point and reflects where a company is headed in the next few years. We believe our new brand celebrates the exciting stage our company has reached and we're confident it will accompany the steep growth we envision in the coming years.

But for today, we are thrilled to see the brand come to life, and we hope you like it.

Esther de Winter, Head of Marketing

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