Introducing Carlos van Rossum

Carlos van Rossum quote - image

Why do you celebrate Pride and what makes it important for you to celebrate it?  I celebrate pride for more that 30 years, cause is the Pride ride Month is about acceptance, equality and celebrating the work of LGBTQ+ people. These celebrations usually take place in the form of an outdoor parade, where large crowds gather to march, often waving the rainbow pride flag as their banner.  

How would you describe your experience as a queer person in the workplace?  To me just normal like any other person. No difference is my experience.  

Would you be comfortable sharing any learnings from your journey as a queer person that might inspire your co-workers?  Just be yourself, that is my motto.

If Fourthline could do one thing better to be more inclusive for Queer people, what would that be?  Fourthline  does enough for their staff. I do not see something that would not be right.

How do you look back on participating in this initiative and what do you hope it brings/enables?  In the first I am participating and find a very good and nice imitative of the company, I came to Amsterdam when I was 12 years old and very happy to be leaving here and be accepted being gay - I never felt discriminated, luckily.