Introducing Ono

Ono pride image

Why do you celebrate Pride and what makes it important for you to celebrate it?  Defending our right to exist as any human being, no matter who we are or who we love, each and every day; that's my way of celebrating pride. We have achieved a lot in the past years, that is true, but we still live in the fear that our rights can be taken away, and there still exist a lot of discrimination regarding Trans and Gender-non-Conforming queer people. That's why I consider that Pride is not just a celebration, but a revindication of who we are and the proof that we will stand strong and united. 

How would you describe your experience as a queer person in the workplace?  I feel happy with the workplace enviroment here in Fourthline. Everyone here is respectful with each other's identities, and I feel no discrimination towards queer people. 

Would you be comfortable sharing any learnings from your journey as a queer person that might inspire your co-workers?  I think my journey does not have any moral or valuable experience. Although I had a difficult childhood due to bullying, I have been lucky with my family, friends and social environment. I guess, if I have to say something, my story should inspire others to teach about respect, so queer children can have a better, fulfilling life from the very beginning. 

If Fourthline could do one thing better to be more inclusive for Queer people, what would that be?  I have the feeling Fourthline is fairly inclusive. I would suggest that maybe collaborating with LGBTQ charities could be a nice thing to do. I mean, we are great here, why not help people to be great outside? 

How do you look back on participating in this initiative and what do you hope it brings/enables?  I would like to look back as a positive thing. Long ago, I felt like hiding was the best option, and sadly, for a lot of people it still is. I hope this initiative can help others to, maybe, break the cocoon they built to feel safe, and specially help the people