Introducing Pere

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Why do you celebrate Pride and what makes it important for you to celebrate it?  I like to celebrate PRIDE, because I believe that we have to give visibility to the LGTBIQ+ community, since it is still forbidden to be homosexual in more than 60 countries, punishable by prison or death. In Europe, although it seems that we are more safe, we have an increase of the extreme right-wing, which in their electoral programs they have measures that unprotect LGTBIQ people, and this means that every 4 years, we have to be suffering in case we lose rights. That's why I think we have to give maximum visibility to the collective, so that in no case it is bad seen to be homosexual and so we can stop all these politicians who want to cut our rights and freedoms. 

How would you describe your experience as a queer person in the workplace?  I think the homosexuality issue has been a taboo for many years, and people always assume that you are heterosexual. So when you meet someone, you have to come out of the closet over and over again. When I first entered the working world I had a hard time coming out, and it made me very nervous, because people always made comments assuming that I was heterosexual and I had a hard time saying that I was homosexual. Also because of the fear for the lack of respect towards our collective and the consequences that it could have on me as a person. Over the years, I have learned not to let it affect me so much and not to be afraid to correct people when they assume things on their own. Currently I am very comfortable in the work environment, as there is more social awareness that LGTBIQ+ people exist and are just another person. 

Would you be comfortable sharing any learnings from your journey as a queer person that might inspire your co-workers?  I would tell them to not be afraid, and to not allow people to make comments about their sexual identity/orientation and to feel free to be who they are at all times. 

If Fourthline could do one thing better to be more inclusive for Queer people, what would that be?  From my point of view, I consider myself lucky to have joined Fourthline, as it is an inclusive company, in fact, the most inclusive company I have ever worked for. And I am happy about that. 

How do you look back on participating in this initiative and what do you hope it brings/enables?  I really liked this initiative, because I think that it will give visibility to the different experiences and feelings of the different queer people in this company, this helps to empathize more with the people in this community and how they interact with them.