Fourthline wins the Young Scaler Award 2022

Fourthline won in the category recognizing the fast-growing scaleups younger than five years.

Fourthline Forrester TEI thumbnailBy The Fourthline Team
Image Young Scaler Award 2022

Earlier this year, the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and nlgroeit published the latest edition of the Top 250 Scaleups, the annual monitor of the Netherlands' fastest–growing companies. Fourthline was nominated in the Young Scaler category along with four other companies; Gain. pro, Mosa Meat, Shypple, and Typeqast. About the Young Scaler Award According to the Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship and nlgroeit's data-driven approach, a Young Scaler is a fast-growing company (scaleup) with a maximum age of five years. A scaleup should be at least three years into business because it requires three years of consecutive growth of more than 20% in terms of FTEs or turnover, with at least 10 FTE and/or €5 million in revenues at the start of the measuring period.

In addition to the Young Scaler Award, Fourthline was also nominated in the top ten Gouden Groeier (Golden Scale) category. This is the complete top ten, in order:

  1. Media.Monks

  2. Mollie

  3. StudyWorks

  4. Fourthline

  5. Otrium

  6. Picnic

  7. Lumicks

  8. Sendcloud

  9. Typeqast

  10. Terrapay

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Young Scaler Award 2022 Ceremony