Experience Fourthline’s mobile onboarding flow with the new Fourthline KYC app

Fourthline’s mobile KYC onboarding app is now available for download in the App Store and Google Play.

Dea Macesic - Mobile Product OwnerBy Dea Macesic - Mobile Product Owner
Fourthline mobile app

We’re excited to share that Fourthline’s KYC onboarding app is now available for download from Apple's App Store and Google Play. With the Fourthline KYC app, you can now dive straight into Fourthline’s native onboarding flow and experience how seamless customer onboarding can be, firsthand.

In a world where enterprises increasingly rely on digital processes to drive growth and deliver engaging customer experiences, onboarding that’s fast and secure is more important than ever. Customers want to be able to open an account at the click of a button, while still feeling confident that their personal information is protected. Meanwhile, regulated institutions need to meet compliance standards without sacrificing revenue.

Fourthline’s mobile app is here to onboard your customers at lightning speed without compromising fraud detection. Through a mobile onboarding experience that is as frictionless as it is secure, Fourthline’s digital KYC solution boosts conversions while delivering an unparalleled >99.98% fraud detection accuracy rate.

With features like Liveness Detection, Near Field Communication (NFC), and Document Scanning with Optical Character Reading (OCR), the app minimizes dropoff while ensuring compliance and providing best-in-class fraud prevention. And with Fourthline’s easily customizable app interface, businesses can add familiar brand elements and colors to deliver a truly integrated KYC flow.

> With app testers ranging from 18 to 70 years old, across languages and hundreds of mobile device types, we prioritized inclusivity and ease-of-use for a painless, user-friendly customer experience. --Eduardo Centeno Nieves – Mobile Team Lead at Fourthline

Join ING, N26, Degiro, SolarisBank and more in leveraging Fourthline’s high-performing mobile solution to deliver a digital KYC experience that fights fraud while driving revenue and adhering to the strictest regulatory standards.

Please reach out to contact@fourthline.com to request an access code and then head over to the App Store or Google Play to get started.

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