How Vivid Money transformed its customer onboarding with Fourthline

Co-founder Alexander Emeshev explains how Fourthline's technology is helping fuel its international expansion

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For German challenger bank Vivid Money, innovation is at the core of its DNA. As co-founder Alexander Emeshev puts it, “We are eager to innovate and to move fast—always implementing new features and products or adding new markets.

In partnership with  Solarisbank for its banking infrastructure, the startup offers customers a mobile-first, full-service banking solution. Using the Vivid Money app, customers can open a bank account for free, in just a couple of minutes. The account comes with a metal Visa debit card and features cash-back programs, subaccounts in different currencies, and soon, investment products.

Vivid has continued to grow rapidly since its founding a year ago, building a team of 190 employees during that short time. Its recent Series A funding round of €15 million puts Vivid at a valuation of €100 million, providing the means for rapid product development and market expansion.

The company started accepting German customers in June and is now expanding to rest of Europe. In planning to add new markets, Vivid started looking for a KYC provider to help fuel its growth.  “KYC is a key part of our customer acquisition. It affects conversion and customer experience, so it’s a crucial part of our business.”

Given the importance of finding the right KYC solution, the Vivid team knew they needed a partner that would match their cultural DNA. Evaluating vendors on collaboration, conversion rates, handling times, fraud detection quality, and commercials, Vivid soon landed on Fourthline. Alexander explains,

Fourthline came out on top based on conversion rates, customer experience and commercials. Another crucial point is that Fourthline matches our culture and mindset. Clearly,  Fourthline was the best fit for us.

From start to finish, the implementation only took a couple of weeks.  “The implementation process showed us how our teams work together perfectly. Whenever we hit a bump—which is unavoidable during implementations—Fourthline is quick to respond and adapt to our needs.”

From the very beginning of the collaboration, Vivid was able to onboard customers rapidly and securely. Soon after partnering with Fourthline, the team realized it was growing even faster than originally planned. “When we realized we wanted to onboard many more customers than originally forecast, Fourthline immediately took the necessary steps to support us in our growth.”

As Vivid sets out for rapid international expansion, Fourthline provides it with a modern KYC solution that will safely onboard customers across Europe. Vivid has seen great improvements in its customer onboarding process since implementing Fourthline, but it’s not done yet. As Alexander explains,

We plan to have a presence in all European countries in two or three years from now, and we definitely want to work with Fourthline in all those markets.

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